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Council brings control of outdoor use of genetically modified organisms a step closer


Media Release  14 March 2013


Council brings control of outdoor use of genetically modified organisms a step closer


Introducing a robust, legal way for local government to manage the risks posed by outdoor use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is a step closer following a decision by Whangarei District Council’s District Living Committee.



  GE FREE NZ (Northland)  in food and environment


GE FREE NORTHLAND in food and environment

Press Release   5 February 2013


GE Free Northland welcomes the recommendations of the Inter Council Working Party on GMOs, publicly released yesterday on behalf of its member councils from south Auckland to Cape Reinga. The ICWP on GMOs has produced draft planning provisions, a section 32 evaluation supporting those provisions, and a legal opinion from Dr. Royden Somerville QC, for the Northland /Auckland councils to consider.

The councils have carried out a thorough evaluation of the necessity for regulation of GMOs at a district and/ or regional level, in addition to national regulation under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act.

"We congratulate Whangarei, Kaipara and Far North District Council and Auckland Council for funding this collaborative work, which confirms the widely held view that a strong precautionary approach to GMOs, or even outright prohibition, is necessary to prevent potentially enormous costs falling on ratepayers from damage arising from GE experiments or release of GE organisms", said Martin Robinson, spokesperson for GE Free Northland

GE Free Northland ...meeting... Whangarei, 6pm Tues 5 February at CBEC Ecosolutions

Gidday Greenies,

GE Free Northland is holding a strategic meeting, regarding the NRC Regional Policy Statement review, and how we can constructively participate in the next round of submissions...and also good news regarding the innovative work of the Northland / Auckland INTER COUNCIL WORKING PARTY ON GMO RISK EVALUATION & MANAGEMENT OPTIONS

ALL welcome :)

Thanks to everyone who already made submissions to the NRC proposed RPS...but there is more to be done to achieve sound environmental and economic outcomes in our region

Tuesday evening, 6pm   Venue: Eco Solutions (CBEC) Environment Centre, 3 Bank St Whangarei (opposite the Rose St bus depot and the Grand Hotel

More info: Zelka Linda Grammer, Chairperson, GE Free Northland  09 4322155  Maungakaramea

Crown Research Institute Speaks With Forked Tongue In Opposing GMO Accountability

Crown Research Institute Speaks With Forked Tongue In Opposing GMO Accountability   


GE FREE NZ Press Release

13 September 2012


GE Free NZ and Bay of Plenty ratepayers who were original submitters to a local Bay of Plenty plan have received notice of an appeal to the Environment Court, lodged by NZ Crown Research Institute Scion. This appeal contests the Environment Bay of Plenty Regional council's (BOPRC) "Precautionary approach" to GMO release and field trialling in the region.

GE not in our best interest

GE not in our best interest

Green Party Press Release  5 September 2012

The United States State Department and American multinational companies have been pushing for the release of genetically engineered food into the New Zealand environment at a biotechnology conference being held in Rotorua this week, the Green Party said today.

The ABIC 2012 conference being held in Rotorua is dubbed the 'World Cup' of biotechnology and has seen a huge push from vested interests for GE release into the environment despite public opposition to such a move.

"The primary benefactors of Genetic Engineering (GE) are US corporate interests not New Zealand farmers," Green Party primary production spokesperson Steffan Browning said.

"The GE focused ABIC 2012 conference in Rotorua this week, is clearly part of a strong push towards GE farming in Aotearoa New Zealand by large multinational companies and Washington.

"The US State Department presence at the Rotorua conference shows that pushing GE is part of US foreign policy as much as it is in the interests of big corporates like DuPont and Monsanto.

"Consumers around the world don't want a bar of GE and if New Zealand wants to continue reaping the benefits of exporting high value-added produce, we need to steer clear.

"GE will not enable more exports - it risks locking our produce out of markets and tarnishing our clean green brand. GE is not smart, green economics.

"We can add more value to our agricultural exports by leveraging our clean, safe, 100% Pure brand.

"Instead of putting our whole agriculture sector at risk we need to be investing in clean green technology to create jobs.

'Find Ethical Path' Biotech Delegates Urged: "Don't be Evil"


GE FREE NZ Press Release


'Find Ethical Path' Biotech Delegates Urged: "Don't be Evil"

Biopiracy threat as Multinational Giants Pitch GM to Maori Businesses



Biopiracy threat as Multinational Giants Pitch GM to Maori Businesses


Press Release: Tuesday 28th August 2012, 2.30pm.

Te Waka Kai Ora (National Māori Organics Authority Aotearoa)

For immediate release


The upcoming conference titled “Adapting to a Changing World” run by GE multinationals Monsanto and DuPont has sparked intense debate throughout Aotearoa and Māori communities. Te Waka Kai Ora (the National Māori Organics Authority Aotearoa) takes a strong stand against Genetic Modification and the insidious campaigns by such multinationals to push their agenda on indigenous communities. Te Waka Kai Ora act as the facilitators for Hua Parakore maara kai (pure food growing), using a tikanga based verification system which encourages the use of GE-free, nano-free, pesticide and chemical-free production methods, while enhancing their whanau and community aspirations.

Call the NRC into line - Submissions needed by 3pm, 19 April!!

Dear supporters of GE Free Northland :)

ACTION ALERT: your submissions are needed to the NRC draft Long Term Council Community Plan 2012/22
(deadline 3pm, Thursday 19 April 2012)

please help us achieve sound environmental outcomes and protect our existing valuable GE free status and growing organic industry ;)

Now is the time to influence what the Northland Regional Council does for the next 10 years – with our ratepayer $$$.   NRC is currently asking for your feedback on our Draft Long Term Plan- don't miss out!

In addition to any other environmental concerns you may have (protection of Northland public and conservation lands from mining and so forth, how to better protect Northland freshwater lakes and rivers), it is important that Northlanders let the NRC know that the very short (and rather weak) precautionary GE policy written in the NRC draft LTCP needs strengthening.

Whangarei District Council has an excellent, strong precautionary GE policy in its draft LTCCP 2012/22- NRC needs to lift its game!

Send your submission by 3pm, l9 April to:


by post:
NRC draft LTCCP 2012/22 document
Northland Regional Council
Private Bag 9021
Whangarei 0148

or...if time is too short to post... drop off by hand to your local NRC office (in Whangarei, Water Street)

other quick options:

Fax (09) 438 0012

online submission:

Government Research Agenda Goes Against New Zealand Brand

GE FREE NZ Press Release

21 November 2011

Government Research Agenda Goes Against New Zealand Brand

The Ministry of Environment's research into promoting greater use of novel organisms is off-stategy for the New Zealand Brand and shows an intention to dilute bio-security standards. 

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