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Submissions needed in response to Therapeutic Products Bill- deadline: 5 March 2023

There is an opportunity to make submissions in response to the Therapeutic Products Bill  (this governments 3rd go at pushing through controversial and undesirable changes in many ways)

Submissions are now being accepted, one day left
closing date: 5 March 2023 NZ time


Opportunity to make submissions in support of precautionary and prohibitive GE/GMO policies, provisions, rules in the Kaipara District Council draft District Plan

GE Free Northland action alert!

Great news and a great opportunity to make a submission (it's easy!) in response to the excellent precautionary and prohibitive GE/GMO policies in the recently released Kaipara District Council "Exposure draft" 

(you do not need to reside in Kaipara District to submit, as GE/GMO experiments/ field trials do not respect boundaries. Submissions from Whangarei, Far North and Auckland regions most welcome!)

Call for submissions on gene editing / gene drive (DOC/Toitū Te Whenua (Land Information NZ) public consultation

GE FREE NZ Tai Tokerau call to action!
Submissions are needed in response to DOC's/Toitū Te Whenua (Land Information NZ) controversial public consultation on gene editing/ CRISPR and other controversial and risky new genetic technologies, including "gene drive").
DOC's question:
“How can innovation in the way we use  emerging technologies and information help biodiversity thrive?"
Deadline: by 5pm tomorrow, Sunday 14 November 2021
See GE FREE NZ's easy submission guide (but don't forget to mention your opposition to gene editing of native taonga like manuka, kauri etc)

GE FREE NZ Media release 17 March 2021 "D'day for deregulation of gene edited organisms"


March 17th: 'D-Day' for Deregulation of Gene Edited Organisms" (which are GMOs)



GE Free Northland October/ November 2020 newsletter and AGM- Date: Thursday, 12 th November, at 6.30pm

Here it is- new GE Free Northland newsletter (October/ November 2020) edition. If you are already a member, please fill out the Membership Renewal members and donations most welcome!


Notice of GE-Free Northland Annual General Meeting)
Date: Thursday, 12 th November, at 6.30pm
Venue: Ora Ora Retreat, 28 Landing Road, Kerikeri (next to Play Centre)
Here is a Zoom link for the event: no

password required.

All of Northern peninsula (land and sea) protected from GE/GMOs

GE-Free Northland

11 August 2020  Media release


All of Northern peninsula (land and sea) protected from GE/GMOs

"A bouquet for Northland Regional Council"


GE-Free Tai Tokerau welcomes the news that Northland Regional Council

has placed precautionary and prohibitive GE/GMO wording into the new

Regional Plan. The Environment Court has accepted the addition, which

enabled Far North District Council and Whangarei District Council to

withdraw their joint appeal against NRC.


"Northland region's valuable agricultural, horticultural, apiculture,

Protection from GMOs for Northland Growers and Exporters Welcomed

GE FREE NZ Media Release

13 August 2020

GE Free Northland (in food & environment) November 2020 PUBLIC APPEAL FOR FUNDS

GE Free Northland (in food & environment) November 2020
GE Free Northland became a s274 (interested) party in support of Whangarei District Council and Far North District Council's appeal against Northland Regional Council, due to the NRC's controversial 16 July 2019 GE/GMOs decision ( to exclude all precautionary and prohibitive GE/GMO provisions from the proposed new Regional Plan for Northland).  

Victory for GMO opposition: Northland Regional Council votes to reverse position

Victory for GMO opposition: Northland Regional Council votes to reverse position

17 June 2020 Northern Advocate

GMO protesters celebrate a victory after NRC votes to reverse its no-provision position. Photo / Michael Cunningham

By: Julia Czerwonatis
Reporter for the Northern Advocate


Northland regional councillors have voted to reverse a decision not to include provisions to manage genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the council's proposed Regional Plan.

The latest turn of events in what has been a lengthy and contentious debate has seen Northland Regional Council (NRC) decide at its meeting yesterday to change its position on GMO provisions.

The move was welcomed by GMO opponents who attended the meeting, labelling it a "victory".

One of about 10 protesters, Nora Shayeb from the Northland Toxin Awareness Group, said there were "millions of reasons" to oppose the use of GMO.

She linked GMOs to the increased use of pesticides, which she described as harmful to the environment and humans.

"Most of our waterways are poisoned. Water is one of our most basic needs, but our water is making people sick," Shayeb said.

Another opponent, Social Credit party president Gloria Bruni, said New Zealand had "the outstanding opportunity to mark ourselves as uniquely sustainable".

"We'll compromise this if we introduce GMO into the region."

Supporters of old 2019 GE/GMO decision by Northland Regional Council withdraw

item from the Northland Age, 16 June 2020, prior to the NRC 16 June 2020 GE/GMO excellent decision later that day

this item for background information:


The Northland Age

"Supporters of council GE decision withdraw"


The Northland Regional Council now stands alone in not supporting the inclusion of GMO provisions in its proposed regional plan.

The NZ Life Sciences Network, Biotech NZ and Federated Farmers have withdrawn from the Environment Court case prompted by appeals against the decision from the Far North and Whangārei District Councils.

The appeals seek the inclusion of provisions to manage genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in the coastal marine area (CMA), which the council decided against last year, on the casting vote of then chairman Bill Shepherd.

The council will decide its next move today, the staff recommendation being to stick to its guns, strategic policy and planning manager Ben Lee saying that would not require a formal decision, given that that position was the status quo.

It was open to the council to change its position, he said, but a decision to do that should be based on sound resource management reasons. His recommendation was to maintain its decision not to include provisions in the plan, and that it actively defend that position in the Environment Court.

Lee's report stated that staff could not advise that the council should change its position, being constrained by the fact that their role was to defend its original decision.

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