Important GE/GMO agenda item this Tuesday, 16 July 2019 at Northland Regional Council (Water St, Whangarei)


GE Free Northland action alert
Have your say and protect our existing valuable GE Free status!

Northland Regional Council proposed new Regional Plan for Northland
(over arching 10 year plan for the Region)

There is an important GE/GMO agenda item at the NRC full council meeting this Tuesday, 16 July at Water St, Whangarei, regarding NRC voting on important precautionary and prohibitive precautionary GE/GMO provisions and other wording for the new Regional Plan for Northland.

When: 10:30 am, Tuesday 16 July 2019
Where: NRC full council building, Water St, Whangarei
Please constructively lobby your local NRC councillor and attend this meeting if possible!

See the GE/GMO agenda item (5.1) as part of the wider NRC agenda for next Tuesday here

Please contact your local NRC councillor, asking them to vote next Tuesday 16 July to place strong precautionary and prohibitive GE/GMO provisions in the Coastal Marine Area and on land in the new Regional Plan for Northland.  

It is necessary for the NRC to have strong precautionary and prohibitive GE/GMO provisions on LAND as well as in the Coastal Marine Area as any outdoor GE experiments/ field trials or releases on land would invariably (through various vectors, including soils, waterways, pollen, vegetative material etc)  would invariably make their way from land to the Coastal Marine Area.  Whangarei and Far North District Council's do have some protections in place (in the two District Plans, the operative GMO plan changes) but there is no protection in Kaipara. The NRC is supposed to be the over arching environmental protection agency in Tai Tokerau.
More information:  Marty Robinson, Kerikeri  09 407 8650
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