Opportunity to support Far North District Council proposed GMO Plan change

IMPORTANT GE Free Northland Action alert :)
On Thursday, 26 June, Far North District Council is meeting in Kaitaia to vote on the FNDC proposed District Plan change regarding Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

This collaborative GMO plan change (with Whangarei District Council and Auckland Council) will create a zone from South Auckland right up to Cape Reinga where risky GMO releases are banned.  The GMO Plan change will also require any Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved outdoor GE experiments/field trials to be classed a Discretionary activity, subject to  additional local requirements in their local plans, in order to protect existing GM free conventional, IPM and organic farmers, local biosecurity, unique biodiversity and the environment in general.
 Far North Mayor John Carter and councillors supporting the FNDC proposed GMO collaborative plan change  well before the 26th of June, and Far North residents/ ratepayers to ring their Mayor and councillors asking them to vote for the Proposed GMO Plan change. 

Also, if they can, for Far North residents to please attend the 26 June FNDC full council meeting (GE agenda item) at Kaitaia's Te Ahu Centre supporting the proposed GMO Plan change.
Please Contact the FNDC Mayor and councillors before Thursday 26 June, shiowing your support for this excellent initiative

Full Council Meeting (FNDC):
Proposed Plan Change l8 (GMOs) is to be debated at the 26 June council meeting at Kaitaia's Te Ahu Centre.

A copy of the GE agenda item available from the FNDC council secretary or FNDC staff representative on the Northland/ Auckland INTER COUNCIL WORKING PARTY ON GMO RISK EVALUATION & MANAGEMENT OPTIONS, or check FNDC's website closer to 26 June
This is a fantastic example of Northland and Auckland councils working together to protect our biosecurity, the environment, existing non GE farmers, our economy and the public health from the risks of outdoor use of GMOs.
Kind regards

Martin Robinson, spokesperson GE Free Northland

Kerikeri Community Board representative, Far North District Council
09 407 8650


Here is some background on the proposed GMO Plan change:

Proposed Plan Change 18 – Genetically Modified Organisms  Document number A1449315
1) Background: Genetically Modified Organisms – An Overview 
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are organisms where any genes or other 
genetic material has been modified by in vitro techniques or are inherited or otherwise 
derived from genes or other genetic material that has been modified by in vitro 
Concerns have been expressed by many ratepayers and groups in the community including Maori.

There are many uncertainties associated with GMOs:

• There is potential for adverse effects on indigenous species, the possibility for 
GMOs to become invasive and impact on biodiversity, and there is concern that 
GMOs could be difficult to predict and result in irreversible changes to the 

• There is potential for released GMOs to contaminate non-genetically modified 
products, affecting marketing and branding;

• Under the current regime, the cost of cleaning up any adverse contamination 
would be uncertain; and

• There may be effects on Maori cultural values/ beliefs and human health.

-GE experiments and crops are highly likely (as has happened overseas) contaminate existing non GE farmers (organic, IPM and conventional) without compensation.