MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO- and Northland Regional Council's GE decision- this Saturday, 25 March, in Whangarei

GE Free Northland Action alert for this week :)

support the MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO...and the March against the Northland Regional Council's decision on GE

in Whangarei.... this Saturday 

2pm- 3pm, 25th May


  • Sat 25 May, 2:00pm – 3:00pm


Cameron St Mall, Cameron St, Whangarei

"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody."

Together we will unite and march against overseas multinational Monsanto. New Zealand is one of the last countries without GMO's - but this isn't going to last long if nefarious multinational Monsanto have their way.  Monsanto has a horrific environmental and public health track record.  We need to let our fellow Kiwis know the dangers of GMO land use and genetically modified foods before it is too late.

We are fortunate that the local councils of the region (all Northland DIstrict Councils and Auckland Council "super city") stand with us, opposing all GMO releases and insisting that any EPA approved GE experiments rubber stamped in Wellington have to meet additional local requirements.  Whangarei District Council voted unanimously on l3 March 2013 to undertake the proposed Plan Change, recommended by the Northland/Auckland INTER COUNCIL WORKING PARTY ON GMO RISK EVALUATION & MANAGEMENT OPTIONS

However, Northland Regional Council, heavily influenced by the NRC Regional Policy Committee Chairman Ian Walker (also President of Northland "Farmers of NZ") have REJECTED 314+ anti GMO land use submissions, while upholding NRC Clr Ian Walker's own pro GE lobby group submission.)

We object to this type of personal and political intervention in local democratic process. We stand behind our District Councils, who are showing leadership and acting on their duty of care to ratepayers and the environment against GMO land use.
We refuse to accept the NRC decision and will take NRC to the Environment Court if necessary.  NRC must include (at the very least) a strong precautionary GE provision in the NRC new RPS, and support the efforts of Northland territorial authorities to protect our existing valuable GE free status and biosecurity.

Meet at Cameron St Mall, Whangarei this Saturday!  We will march to Northland Regional Council and up Bank St as far as the old DOC office.

We need to get as many people involved as possible for this to be a success. We need farmers, beekeepers, fire fighters, orchardists, gardeners, seed savers, organic growers, Landcare groups, consumers, accountants, doctors, nurses and anyone else who wants full and comprehensive GMO labeling in NZ and a Regional Exclusion Zone for all GMOs.

We will need banners, flyers, stickers, bullhorns, facebook posts & anything else that can help alert people to the cause. If you can help out with any of the above please post on the wall or message to Susanna directly. Sharing this message on your own wall and with friends is perhaps the easiest way that you can contribute to this movement...and turning up on the day!

If we all do our bit, this march will help raise awareness of the dangers we all face and start waking people up to aggressive multinationals like Monsanto- and hold our local Regional Council accountable.

We will not stand for any more GE experiments in Northland. We will not stand for the toxic food GE crops result in...and try to sell us, invisible to the eye, unlabelled. We will no longer tolerate central government legislation that fails to adequately protect us or hold GMO polluters liable for adverse impacts of their experiments.  We want truly sustainable primary production and healthy, clean food of the highest quality. Healthy soils, pure water, seeds free of GE contamination, protection for our existing GE free farmers.  That’s why we March Against Monsanto – the symbol for what is wrong with agriculture today.

Together we can retain our existing valuable GE free status in Northland. Kia kaha!

Whangarei contact (Waipu):  Susanna Perkins

432 1828/ 021 2065746


"I am only one person. But what one can do, I will do"

-John Seymour, Irish farmer and anti GE activist