Crunch time to protect our existing valuable GE free status in Northland


The good news- over 330 anti-GMO original submissions were made by Northlanders and their District Councils to the NRC proposed Regional Policy Statement (the over arching document for Northland for the next 10 years) last December.  These submissions asked the NRC in no uncertain terms to include a precautionary GE policy/ provision (at the very least! ...many submittors prefer outright prohibition of all outdoor GMOs) in the NRC new Regional Policy Statement

Well done! to everyone who made a submission!

The bad news is- both "Federated Farmers of NZ" (headquarters in Hamilton) and the Northland farming organisation that calls itself "Farmers of NZ" (NRC Clr Ian Walker is the President of "Farmers of NZ"!) have made original submissions to the NRC.  The GE section of their submissions oppose the NRC including any "methods, policies or rules" to deal with GMOs on a local level, or even the NRC including a precautionary GE policy/ provision in the NRC new Regional Policy Statement...they also object to the NRC identifying the GE issue as an Issue of Significance for Northland.

The submission by Federated Farmers of NZ...and... the submission by Farmers of NZ (Northland) must be challenged!
It is of grave concern that NRC Clr Ian Walker is both President of "Farmers of NZ", (the Northland farming lobby group who submitted against the NRC identifying the GE issue as an Issue of Significance for Northland) and the Chairman of the NRC Regional Policy Committee (clear conflict of interest).  Clr Walker was instrumental in getting the precautionary GE provision- that the NRC itself proposed in the NRC RPS Discussion Document 2010- dropped from the NRC proposed RPS

How can you help?  Make a submission by 3pm, lst of March 2013

1. make a further submission, supporting Whangarei District Council and Far North District Council's original submissions (GE sections), and GE Free Northland's substantive original submission (you can view all submissions online at NRC's proposed RPS page...they're in alphabetical order...

2. make a cross submission, opposing Federated Farmers of NZ's original submission...and Farmers of NZ (Northland) original submission

(you use the same NRC "further submission" form, form 6, to do both further submissions and cross submissions)

Deadline for submissions: 3pm, lst of March 2013

Now is the time to make a submission (formal period begins l8 February - and goes till the lst of March- but you can submit now) to the NRC proposed RPS... to take a stand, demanding that our existing valuable GE free status be protected

How to submit? It's easy- read on!

Send your submission to:

General Manager, Planning & Policy
Northland Regional Council
Freepost 139690
Private Bag 9021, Whangarei Mail Centre
Whangarei 0148


fax: 09 4701202

or drop off by hand (before 3pm, lst of March 2013, at your local NRC office (please ask NRC to stamp your submission and make you a copy of your submission)

Participate in the NRC proposed Regional Policy Statement this month!

How YOU can help:
Original submittors (those who made a submission to the NRC proposed RPS already late last year) or those with "an interest greater than the general public in the Regional Policy Statement" or "any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest" or "the local authority itself") can now make a further submission on any issue already raised....Please make a further submission in support of GE Free Northland's substantive original submission to the NRC proposed RPS
(a copy of the GE Free Northland submission is available view online at the NRC 's proposed RPS page...

It's important (in your further submission) to oppose Federated Farmers of NZ's original submission (GE section) and Farmers of NZ (Northland) original submission (GE section).

It's helpful to get a copy of the NRC "Further submission form" (Form 6) as it will tell what information to provide for an effective submission.
You need to state the
1. Name of the submittor (you're submitting in support of or in opposition to)
2. the Submittor number
3. the Reference number(s)  (the bits of their submission that you're submitting in response to)
4. Whether you support or oppose that submission
5. Reason(s) for your support/ opposition to that particular submission- state the reason for your views)

its easy...just request a form from NRC (to be posted to you, or pick one up a your local NRC office)

see for help filling out this form

To view a NRC summary of the submissions (either by their name...or by topic) and a summary of the relief sought

State that you SUPPORT Whangarei District Council (submittor #291/ 11), and Far North District Council (submittor #362/11), and GE Free Northland (submittor #606/4)   Please also support Ngatiwai Trust Board (submittor # 632/43), Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi (submittor #697/43) & other Tai Tokerau Iwi authorities
submissions on the GE issue

State that you OPPOSE Farmers of NZ (Northland)  (submittor #363/3)  and Federated Farmers of NZ (submittor #746/88)

Need assistance? More information?    contact GE Free Northland ...Martin Robinson (Kerikeri) 09 407 8650
or Beverly Gott (Whangarei)  tel 09 436 3392

Thank you for your support, in helping us defend our region and ultimately achieve the first enforceable Regional Exclusion Zone for GMOs in NZ!


 Zelka Linda Grammer, Chairperson, GE Free Northland in food & environment :)  09 432 2155

 * note for more information after the l6th of February, please contact GE Free Northland spokesperson Martin Robinson (Kerikeri) drectly 09 407 650
or Anna Murphy (secretary, GE Free Northland email: