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Precaution vital to prevent GE contamination


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Precaution Vital to Prevent GE Contamination

Crown Research Institute Speaks With Forked Tongue In Opposing GMO Accountability

Crown Research Institute Speaks With Forked Tongue In Opposing GMO Accountability   


GE FREE NZ Press Release

13 September 2012


GE Free NZ and Bay of Plenty ratepayers who were original submitters to a local Bay of Plenty plan have received notice of an appeal to the Environment Court, lodged by NZ Crown Research Institute Scion. This appeal contests the Environment Bay of Plenty Regional council's (BOPRC) "Precautionary approach" to GMO release and field trialling in the region.

'Find Ethical Path' Biotech Delegates Urged: "Don't be Evil"


GE FREE NZ Press Release


'Find Ethical Path' Biotech Delegates Urged: "Don't be Evil"

Human Trials of GE-Wheat Unethical

Proposals for extending animal feeding studies for GE wheat to humans are unethical and signal the need for an urgent overhaul of the science used by regulators to approve scores of GM foods.

A group of international scientists has warned the developers of a GE-Wheat at the CSIRO in Australia against the proposals. There is an acute ethical issue in the lack of long-term feeding studies in animals, which in some cases show complex and inter-generational harm from the GE food tested of which none of the GM foods approved by Food Authorities have undergone human studies.

Research has recently been published by Professor Peter Gluckman - the New Zealand government's chief scientific advisor - which reveals the complex epigenetic effects relating to maternal diet. The effects continue to the next generation in a way that is not yet understood. This complexity is simply not considered or addressed in safety testing of GE food.

The GE-Wheat been not been adequately tested in animals to even be considered as a candidate for human feeding studies. 

"New Zealand scientists should condemn human feeding trials of GM foods in Australia, and elsewhere," says Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE-free NZ in food and environment.

Overseas there are reports of GE "golden" rice also being used in human feeding trials, despite the risks to human health being entirely unnecessary.

"It cannot be ethical to be experimenting on humans with Genetically Engineered food when the disease targeted by the golden-rice magic bullet can easily be prevented," says Jon Carapiet.


27/06/2013  GE FREE NZ Press Release

NZ Exports and Regional Development Face Destruction If Minister Changes GMO Rules


Public Give "Thumbs Up'"for Ban on GMO's
Most people across the Auckland and Northland region want companies using Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) to be held strictly liable for damage, and in some areas most want a ban.
A poll conducted by a multi-council working group on regulation of GM organisms found that all communities strongly favour making users of GMOs legally responsible for any economic or environmental harm that may result.

Support for Inghams from an Unlikely Source!

Support for Inghams from an Unlikely Source (GE FREE NZ Press Release 18 November 2009)


Chicken-producer Inghams, under fire for misleading consumers is being offered support from a most unlikely source: GE free NZ (in food and environment).


GE Free NZ has offered support to the manufacturer in living up to its promise of a GM-free Policy, and keeping faith with its customers, even though there is still the risk of accidental GM contamination in future.

High Court appeal upheld - GM animal applications invalid

GE FREE NZ Press Release 7 June 2009

In a precedent setting case, the High Court has upheld the appeal by GE Free NZ in Food and Environment against ERMA and AgResearch.

After 12 weeks of deliberation, Justice Clifford found that ERMA erred in receiving the applications from AgResearch and has declared them invalid. The decision sets aside the decisions by ERMA to proceed with the applications. ERMA is to take no further steps toward hearing and assessing the applications.

GM Crop Failure a Cautionary Warning For Farmers

Tuesday, 14 April 2009, 9:19 am
Press Release: GE Free NZ

GM Crop Failure Offers a Cautionary Warning For Farmers

New Zealand farmers must learn from the experience of farmers overseas and resist pressure to weaken regulations around the safety of genetically engineered organisms (GEO’s), from groups promoting their release.

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