Call to action from GE Free NZ Northland- say NO to GE trees!


This is a call to action from GE Free NZ Northland, regarding the current National Party push (through Ministry of Primary Industries) to allow GE trees in the proposed new National Environmental Standard (NES) for Plantation Forestry in NZ ...and... to override local councils rules/ provisions against outdoor use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Say NO! to the Threat of GE Trees being planted alongside local indigenous forests -  eg Glenbervie, Puhipuhi, Ngaiotonga, Tangihua, Pukenui, Puketi - and contaminating other exotic forests.  Support our councils in this region/ districts who are working hard to retain our existing valuable GE-Free status and have placed precautionary and prohibitive GE provisions/ rules in local plans.

Submissions on this matter are due - 5pm, Tues 11 August 2015 and should be emailed to the Ministry for Primary Industries

If you want Tai Tokerau and wider NZ to remain free of GE trees - email in your submission:

Easy submission guide available shortly from GE Free NZ Northland upon request:  
GE Free NZ will be making a substantive submission opposing allowing GE trees (outdoor use of GMOs) in the NZ Plantation forestry standards (NES) and supporting local councils authority and jurisdiction (and the authority of local mana whenua) to keep outdoor use of GMOs out of their region.
more info:

Of course, there may be other sections in the MPI proposed new National Environmental Standard for Forestry Plantations that you may wish to support or challenge (to prevent erosion, protect streams and rivers and indigenous flora and fauna).
GE FREE NZ supports genuinely sustainable, ecologically sound forestry, that provides access to key  markets/ premiums for high quality, GE free timber products.

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Kia kaha!
xx Zelka Grammer   09 432 2155
Martin Robinson      09 407 8650
for GE Free Tai Tokerau 
*The National Party Ministers / MPI are also showing a total disregard for the excellent precautionary and prohibitive GE policies of all Taitokerau (and Tuhoe etc) Iwi authorities for their respective rohe.

If you would like a copy of Dr. Benjamin Pittman's 3 July 2015 Panui on the GE tree threat...implications for local mana whenua... please ring 09- 4322155  email:

Dr Benjamin Pittman
Ngati Hao Te Popoto, Te Parawhau o Whangarei, Ngati Hau, Patuharakeke

Member, Ngati Hau Trust Board
Trustee, Te Pouwhenua o Tiakiriri Kukupa Trust
Member, Akerama Marae Committee
Chairman, Ngati Rahiri Maori Komiti
Member, Whangarei Maori Executive Committee
Executive Member, Tai Tokerau District Maori Council
Tai Tokerau Delegate to NZ Maori Council
Executive Member, Forest & Bird Mid-Northern Branch