Whangarei District Council and Far North District Council joint GE/GMO hearings 13/ l4 June Whangarei

Open to the public- WDC and FNDC joint GE/GMO hearings 13/ 14 June (Toll Stadium, Okara Drive, Whangarei), and l6 June (Kaikohe).  Please ring Dr.

April 2016 Public Appeal for Funds- Help Protect our Democratic Right to be GE/GMO free!

April 2016

          Help protect our democratic right to be GE-free!

One of the most important Environment Court decisions last year was the finding that councils can control the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) under the Resource Management Act.

We won in the Environment Court against Federated Farmers of NZ in May 2015.  But Federated Farmers then lodged an appeal in the High Court, attempting to overturn this valuable decision.

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GE Free Northland Press Release, 20 April 2015
On Friday, 24 April, an important Environment Court hearing will take place in Whangarei about the outdoor use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 
GE Free Northland and the Soil & Health Association of NZ are seeking confirmation of their view that there is jurisdiction under the Resource Management Act for local control of outdoor use of GMOs in the face of a challenge to jurisdiction by Federated Farmers New Zealand.
 “We support the right of local bodies to manage any potential use of GMOs in their area, using the Resource Management Act.  We applaud the efforts of various NZ councils to put in place a much-needed additional tier of local protection against the risks of outdoor use of GMOs to our biosecurity, GE free primary producers, economy, environment, and food sovereignty," said GE Free Northland spokesperson Martin Robinson.
"Our councils have taken these steps because their ratepayers want a more locally responsive and planned app

GE Free Northland AGM

GE Free Northland Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 20th April 2015 Whangarei Details: Monday, 20 April 2015 Time: 7pm Venue: CBEC EcoSolutions 3 Bank St Whangarei (opposite Rose Street bus station) All Welcome More information: 09 4322155 (Whangarei) 09 407 8650 (Kerikeri) email: Thank you for your support and see you there! GE Free, organic nibbles provided, Naturally :)

GE Free Northland Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Whangarei, Monday 26 May 2014

GE FREE NORTHLAND (in food and environment)
Notice of Annual General Meeting

Date: 26 May 2014   

Time: 7pm

Venue: EcoSolutions 3 Bank St Whangarei

All Welcome

More information: 09 4322155 email:
Thanks for your support and see you there!

GE Free, organic nibbles and tea provided, Naturally :)


letters to editor needed, in response to today's Whangarei Leader GE story

(inflammatory comments from WDC's Clr John Williamson- but he is correct in anticipating that Federated Farmers of NZ and...who knows what nefariou multinational or NZ Crown Research Institute will appeal Whangarei District Council, Far North District Council and Auckland Council's collaborative Plan change to BAN all GMO releases and make EPA approved outdoor GE experiments/ field trials a Discretionary activity

(try and keep it to 250 words, provide full contact details :)

WAR AGAINST GMO's EXPECTED TO ESCALATE       15 October 2013     Whangarei Leader
by Denise Piper

Whangarei District Council- important GE agenda item, Wednesday 9 October 10am Forum North


There will be an important GE agenda item at next Wednesdays 9 October 2013 meeting of the
Whangarei District Council "District Living committee"
(Council chambers, Whangarei)

AGENDA (now online, GE documents available in attachment form, upon request)
Whangarei ratepayers and residents- please JOIN US in making a positive presence at council on the day... and ...celebrate the expected win on the day.

All welcome :) (including from other parts of Northland)

Forum North, Rust Avenue  (council chambers, upstairs) 

When: 10am -llam

Wear: GE free t-shirts, bring banners or placards celebrating and encouraging WDC's excellent leadership on the GE issue, our council continues to work hard to protect our existing valuable GE free status
(In keeping with the WDC's strong precautionary and prohibitive GE policy in our Long Term Council Community Plan 2012/22...and... in keeping with WDC's unanimous vote to undertake the proposed Plan change.


RMA changes threaten fight against GMOs

"RMA changes threaten fight against GMOs"

9 July 2013  Northern Advocate

by Lindy Laird
Northland individuals, groups and authorities who have fought to protect their backyard from GMO threats may yet find they have won a battle but lost the war if the Resource Management Act (RMA) is changed.

Environment Minister Amy Adam came out recently in support of changes to the RMA that could exclude local government having a role in managing GMO (genetically modified organism) risks. Her comments drew fire from the Auckland and Northland-wide Inter-council Working Party on GMO Risk Evaluation and Management. Other groups have said that in threatening to shut down local authorities' efforts to protect their territory, Ms Adams was undermining local democracy.

Inter-council Working Party convenor and Whangarei District Council Futures Planning manager Kerry Grundy said although the Government holds that GMOs were most appropriately controlled under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms ACT (HSNO), local authorities were still entitled to plan their own cover, ``provided that this action meets the relevant requirements of the Resource Management Act 1991.''

Dr Grundy said should the RMA be amended, more pressure would come on the national regulator, the Environmental Protection Authority, to take into account local government controls on GMOs.

Tougher GE rules likely by Christmas

Tougher GE rules likely by Christmas




The Far North and Whangarei District Councils have decided to investigate plan changes enabling them to regulate the use of GMOs after massive protest against it. Michael Cunningham

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