Call to action from GE Free Northland- further submission period ...Whangarei District Council... Far North District Council

Call to Action from GE Free Northland

Do you support Northland and Auckland becoming the first region in NZ to ban GMO releases ...and ..class EPA approved outdoor GE experiments as a Discretionary activity, subject to additional local requirements (that the HSNO Act does not require)?

Stand with Northland primary producers to support and help strengthen Whangarei District Council...and ... Far North District Council's excellent collaborative GMO Plan change to ban all GMO releases

with a further submission!

More information:  GE Free Northland

09 432 2155  email:

or Dr. Kerry Grundy (Whangarei District Council)  430 4200


WDC Plan Change 131: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)


FNDC Plan Change 18: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

The summary of all submissions for the WDC Proposed Plan change 131 (GMOs) and the FNDC proposed Plan change l8 (GMOs) is now available and further submissions can be made (whether or not you made an original submission or not) until 5pm 16 December (WDC) and 5pm l7 December (FNDC).

You can send in something similar to the template further submission below to:





Sample further submission:


Your name:

Contact details (postal/ email....telephone)

I support the excellent Whangarei District Council and the Far North District Council collaborative GMO plan change, but want any EPA approved outdoor GE experiments or field trials prohibited as well, and prohibition of all GMO releases.

I support the original submissions made by:

-GE Free Northland

-Ngatiwai Trust Board

-Northland Conservation Board

-Physicians & Scientists for Global Responsibility (NZ)

-Soil & Health Association of NZ

-Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi

-National Beekeepers Association (NBA)

-Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of NZ (Inc)

 (northern branch)

-Vision Kerikeri

-Auckland GE Free Coalition

(there are many more original submissions, by the good people of Northland, worth supporting. you can request a copy of the list of submittors and a summary of the submissions from the two councils)

I oppose the original submissions made by:

-Federated Farmers of NZ

-Ministry for the Environment 

-The NZ Forest Research Institute Limited (Scion)

-Forest Owners Association

-Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd

-Graeme Peters/  AGCARM

-Shoshona Galbreath / Pastoral Genomics  Submission #l4


-Peter Robin Shepherd #194 

-Northland Province of Federated Farmers (Louise Wilson




I wish  (or do not wish) to be heard

I cannot gain an advantage in trade competition through this submission.