Alarming facts about genetically engineered foods

  • Animals have become seriously ill or died from Genetically Engineered (GE) foods
  • Hazardous genes from GE foods that you eat can become inserted into your own genes
  • An unexpected poison killed 37 persons eating a food supplement produced by GE bacteria. This disaster was not coincidental:
  • Top researchers confirm that genetic engineering is inherently unsafe and unpredictable. It may therefore generate unexpected harmful substances in GE food
  • Numerous studies have demonstrated that GE causes "non-target effects" in addition to the specific "desired effect". These effects are little understood, completely unpredictable and may be hazardous to the individual and the environment. This underscores the fundamental unsafety of genetic engineering.
  • The present procedure for assesing the safety of GE foods is not designed to detect unexpected substances
  • Therefore, harmful substances may appear in GE food approved as food
  • Still, GE foods are sold in most food stores in the US and in many other countries
  • In the US and Canada, they are not even labeled

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What is genetic engineering?

Warning for disinformation at the internet. Corporations systematically misuse the internet for confusing people about issues and organizations that threaten their interests.


Genetically Engineered (GE) = Genetically Modified (GM) = Genetically Altered.


What foods are genetically engineered?

Many common foods are, including: Corn, Soy, Wheat, Canola, Tomato , Potato , Rice , Cantaloupe , Sugar beet - (all kinds of sugar) , Radicchio , Flax (linseed) , Papaya , Squash , Oilseed rape, Alfalfa.

All of these, and products made of them, including common infant feeds, may contain unexpected harmful substances.

And remember, in the US, the GE foods are not labeled.

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In order to make it easy for you to rapidly get a good idea about the issue, we have created an introduction in steps with increasing amounts of detail at each step.

Step one

Our main conclusions at a glance

Commercial application of genetical engineering for production of foods cannot be scientifically justified and carries with it unpredictable and potentially serious consequences.

The reasons are as follows:

On the following pages you will find more details explaining our position.

To step two

Published by 

Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of
Science and Technology (PSRAST)

  • The knowledge about the genes and how they work is too incomplete to make it possible to predict and understand all consequences of genetic engineering.
  • The knowledge about the health safety of GE foods is seriously incomplete.
  • The knowledge about the environmental safety of GE organisms is seriously incomplete.
  • It has been scientifically established that unexpected effects can occur from genetic engineering that are hazardous to health and the surroundings.
  • Science has established that there is no need for GE organisms for feeding the world or solving nutritional deficiency problems.
  • Food biotechnology perpetuates environmentally unsustainable industrial agriculture. It is based on chemicals of various kinds that are demonstratedly harmful to health and to the environment.
  • Why GE foods should be banned immediately

    Considering that GE organisms are unsafe to eat and that they expose the environment to unpredictable and irreversible risks, they should be banned. It is not justified to take any risk at all in using them as there is no need for them to feed the world and because they perpetuate unsustainable agriculture that is harmful to health and to the environment.