• key Cabinet Ministers
  • Local MP's
  • regulatory authorities, such as ERMA (Environmental Risk Management Authority)
  • MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)
  • Ministry for the Environment (MFE).

The Labour led government made a flawed political decision to lift the moratorium on release of GMOs a number of years ago, despite the concerns of many eminent scientists, primary producers and the majority of New Zealanders.

Polls indicate that 70% of New Zealanders oppose the lifting of the moratorium on GE release (16 August Colmar Bruton poll, August HERALD Digi-Poll)

See Sustainability Council of NZ 16 August 2003 Media Release:

Now is the time to act to reinstate  the moratorium further and also block any further GE field trials or releases in Northland/Auckland peninsula.  The Inter Council Working Party on GMO Risk Evaluation & Options (ICWP on GMOs) now has 9 member councils, including Auckland Regional Council, Auckland City Council, Waitakere City Council, Rodney District Council, Whangarei District Council, Kaipara District Council, Far North District Council and Northland Regional Council.  North Shore City Council has Observer status.  The ICWP on GMOs is about to embark on collaborative GE community consultation (including a telephone poll and submission process), as the first step in investigating some type of local regulation of GMO land use.

Express your general concerns about GE and point out that Northlanders have already had a bad experience with the inadequately contained GE tamarillo trial (HortResearch) at Kerikeri and ask:

" who will be liable in the event of unintended or unforeseen adverse impacts from GE field trials or releases ? "

Demand to know why ERMA continues to process deeply flawed and inappropriate application for risky and unethical GE experiments.

GE FREE NZ Press Release 7 June 2009: GM animal applications invalid – High Court appeal upheld

In a precedent setting case, the High Court has upheld the appeal by GE Free NZ in Food and Environment against ERMA and AgResearch.

Demand to know why government lifted the moratorium on GE releases in October 2003, despite the fact that:

  • they have failed to put in place a truly strict liability regime
  • ERMA is not required under the HSNO (Hazardous Substances and New Organisms) Act to take a precautionary approach
  • they have failed to make a credible case for the “coexistence” of GE and nonGE crops (transgenic pollution can be caused by wind/pollen/seeds/soils/machinery and other vectors)
  • research recommended by the Royal Commission into gaps of knowledge and known risks (like horizontal gene transfer – HGT- in soils) is not complete.
  • The FRST Biotechnology Symposium (5-6th September 03 in Wellington) confirmed that key research results will not be forthcoming for several years at least.


Hard copy letters are best, FREEPOST to:

Parliament Buildings

Updates to the list of members are published on the Parliament website:

OR go to this page to see contact details for all MP's and Ministers.

John Key - Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Ministerial Services, Minister in Charge of the NZ Security Intelligence Service, Minister Responsible for the GCSB

Bill English - Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister for Infrastructure

Gerry Brownlee - Minister for Economic Development, Minister of Energy and Resources, Leader of the House, Associate Minister for the Rugby World Cup

Simon Power - Minister of Justice, Minister for State Owned Enterprises, Minister of Commerce, Minister Responsible for the Law Commission, Associate Minister of Finance, Deputy Leader of the House

Tony Ryall - Minister of Health, Minister of State Services

Dr Nick Smith - Minister for the Environment, Minister for Climate Change Issues, Minister for ACC

Judith Collins - Minister of Police, Minister of Corrections, Minister of Veterans' Affairs

Anne Tolley - Minister of Education, Minister for Tertiary Education, Minister Responsible for the Education Review Office

Christopher Finlayson - Attorney-General (Includes responsibility for Serious Fraud Office), Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage

David Carter - Minister of Agriculture, Minister for Biosecurity, Minister of Forestry

Murray McCully - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister for Sport and Recreation, Minister for the Rugby World Cup

Tim Groser - Minister of Trade, Minister of Conservation, Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs, Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues (International Negotiations)

Dr Wayne Mapp - Minister of Defence, Minister of Research, Science and Technology, Associate Minister for Economic Development, Associate Minister for Tertiary Education

Steven Joyce - Minister of Transport, Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Associate Minister of Finance, Associate Minister for Infrastructure

Hon Georgina te Heuheu - Minister for Courts, Minister of Pacific Island Affairs, Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control, Associate Minister of Maori Affairs

Paula Bennett - Minister for Social Development and Employment, Minister for Disability Issues, Minister of Youth Affairs

Phil Heatley - Minister of Fisheries, Minister of Housing

Pansy Wong - Minister for Ethnic Affairs, Minister of Women's Affairs, Associate Minister for ACC, Associate Minister of Energy and Resources

Dr Jonathan Coleman - Minister of Immigration, Minister of Broadcasting, Associate Minister of Tourism, Associate Minister of Health

Kate Wilkinson - Minister of Labour, Minister for Food Safety, Associate Minister of Immigration

Maurice Williamson - Minister for Building and Construction, Minister of Customs, Minister of Statistics, Minister for Small Business

Dr Richard Worth - Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister for Land Information, Minister Responsible for Archives New Zealand, Minister Responsible for the National Library, Associate Minister of Justice

John Carter - Minister of Civil Defence, Minister for Senior Citizens, Minister for Racing, Associate Minister of Local Government

Rodney Hide - Minister of Local Government, Minister for Regulatory Reform, Associate Minister of Commerce

Heather Roy - Minister of Consumer Affairs, Associate Minister of Defence, Associate Minister of Education

Dr Pita Sharples - Minister of Maori Affairs, Associate Minister of Corrections, Associate Minister of Education

Tariana Turia - Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, Associate Minister of Health, Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment

Peter Dunne - Minister of Revenue, Associate Minister of Health

Tell the Minister that local regions in NZ want the right to remain GE free in primary production.  We believe Northland is a prime candidate for REGIONAL EXCLUSION ZONE (for GE) designation, due to the serious risks to our economy and environment and our unique geographical isolation.

 Local government needs adequate provisions to respond to community needs, protect finite resources and avoid transgenic pollution.  Last years "New Organisms and other Matters" bill/ legislation and central government have failed to address these needs.

We support an international 5-year moratorium on GE releases as called for by:

and other eminent scientists.


Telephone their secretaries for an appointment and send letters freepost c/o Parliament Buildings, Wellington. Urge MP’s to support the

Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Genetically Modified Organisms Moratorium Reinstatement) Amendment Bill

We have a free "Lobby your MP" kit (GE) available- please ring 09 4322155 or email: to obtain a copy.